• Super X 3100 Wood SplitterSuper X 3100 Wood Splitter
    • Super X 3100 Wood SplitterSuper X 3100 Wood Splitter
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    • Super X 3100 Wood Splitter

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    • For small farm or household use, the SUPERX 3100 is the ultimate combination of affordability, innovative design, reliability and power. Powered by a 6hp genuine Honda engine and fitted with a 100kg capacity block lifter, this machine will split the toughest Australian hardwood with ease. Product Features GENUINE HONDA ENGINE: The 6hp engine gives you all the power you need. The GP series engines are quiet, easy to start, easy to maintain, reliable & fuel efficient. LONG WARRANTY: Two-year warranty on all construction & parts. Warranty stated covers all construction and parts except for the Honda engine, which is covered by a 1 year warranty. SLIDING BLADE: With a fast cycle time and optimum splitting force of 3100 psi, the vertical action sliding blade with innovative wedge design splits the toughest Australian hardwood with ease and handles different lengths up to 450mm. ERGONOMIC & INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Back saving block lifter and ideal bench height ensures advanced operator comfort. The generous bench area allows productive splitting and prevents split firewood falling onto the ground. BUILT TO LAST: This model features rugged heavy-duty construction & quality components that require only minimal maintenance. It is built to last.
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