Battery vs. Petrol Grass Trimmers: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Woman changing battery for mower - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD In years gone by, mowing the lawn involved hours of pushing a heavy, loud, and sometimes temperamental mower up and down the property, and making use of a spade to get crisp edges. It was not only cumbersome, but the fumes and noise could be almost unbearable, for you and the neighbours.

Today, not only have lawn mowers come leaps and bounds, but we have more powerful, reliable and easier to use petrol and battery grass trimmers available to us that makes maintaining lawn edges a cinch. But with so many different models on the market, it can be challenging to work out which type is best suited to you and your needs.

In this article, we’ll compare the benefits of both a petrol and the battery powered grass trimmer to help you decide which may be better suited to you.

Grass Trimmers vs Lawn Edgers

Before we get into the difference between petrol and battery powered grass trimmers; first, we need to tackle a very commonly asked question. What is the difference between a grass trimmer and an edger?

And the answer is, both a grass trimmer and a lawn edger serve a specific purpose.

A lawn edger is ideal for cutting precise, sharp, clean edges around the border of your lawn where it butts up against a hard level surface such as a driveway or footpath.

And while a grass trimmer can also take care of your lawn’s edges, they really offer the freedom and manoeuvrability to trim along undulating garden borders or structures, between trees, shrubs and even veggie gardens, with precision and accuracy.

Another key difference between the two is that a garden edger typically uses a fixed wheel to guide a vertically mounted cutting blade along the lawn’s edge, while a grass trimmer is typically fitted with an adjustable trimmer head that provides a more delicate cut using a consumable nylon trimmer line.

Some grass trimmers also have the added benefit and versatility of being able to swap out the cutting head with other accessories and attachments; such as a grass blade, polesaw, blower, sweeper, hedge trimmer, edger, dethatcher or bristle brush.

Why Choose a Battery Grass Trimmer?

There are many different reasons why professionals prefer a battery-powered grass trimmer. Firstly, they’re perfect for working in built-up residential areas with neighbouring properties close by because they’re quiet. They do not emit exhaust fumes and with advancements in lithium battery technology, they now offer the power and run-time of a similar petrol driven model.

Another benefit is that battery grass trimmers don’t use any fuel. No fuel means no fuel spills. No need to carry spare fuel and jerry cans, or incur the cost / mess of mixing two-stroke oil. Simply insert the 36v battery and you’ve got all the power you need to get the job done.

Battery-powered grass trimmers tend to be easier to operate, too. Starting the motor typically involves the simple push of a button. They’re often lighter than petrol powered models, and well balanced, which makes regular use a much simpler task for property owners who may not have much upper body strength. Also, they don’t produce the same fumes that a petrol grass trimmer can, therefore there is less impact on the surrounding air quality.

When it comes to battery powered machinery, it is important to consider that the larger the lawn, the larger the battery will need to be. To help find the right solution for you, download our handy battery operating guide.

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Why Choose a Petrol Grass Trimmer?

Those who work in areas that have a lot of foliage or dense soil may require a trimmer with more power and torque. If you are looking for a grass trimmer that packs a powerful punch, or offers the versatility of interchangeable power accessories, then a petrol grass trimmer may be exactly what you have been searching for.

Typically, petrol powered grass trimmers come with a single cylinder two-stroke engine. While this means you’ll need to carry a two-stroke fuel mix, it also means you’re able to benefit from the power efficiency of two-stroke engine technology.

The engines used in quality petrol grass trimmers are a lot more user friendly than they were in the past. With advancements like Husqvarna’s Smart Start®, intuitive controls and X-Torq® engine, quality petrol grass trimmers now produce 75% less emissions than older models, and offer up to a 20% increase in fuel efficiency.

And finally, with models starting around $200, petrol grass trimmers are a cost-effective solution for the budget minded, particularly for occasional users.

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Final Thoughts on Battery vs. Petrol grass trimmers

Making use of a grass trimmer helps to create a professionally manicured finish in your garden and the type of grass trimmer that you ultimately decide to use rests in your hands. We recommend discussing your requirements with your local Husqvarna dealer to ensure you purchase the right machine for the application.

If you’re working in a built-up residential area and are using it regularly, then a battery grass trimmer is a fantastic choice.

For those who need to cover larger yards, with particularly lush and dense foliage, a petrol trimmer will provide you with sufficient power to get the job done.

Regardless of your choice, a grass trimmer makes obtaining crisp and clean edges a quick and easy task that allows you to spend less time working, and more time enjoying your garden.

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