Essential Tips For Mowing Wet Grass

Grass mowing is a common task for many homeowners, but mowing wet grass can present a unique set of challenges. In this article, we will guide you through some important tips and tricks for mowing wet grass effectively while maintaining the health of your lawn.

Mowing Wet Grass

Potential Risks and Dangers

Mowing wet grass carries certain risks:

  • The potential for slipping and accidents due to the sodden ground.
  • The clogging of mower blades leading to inefficient mowing and potential damage to your equipment.
  • Increased risk of disease in your lawn, as wet grass clippings can harbour fungi and other pathogens.

Tips for Mowing Wet Grass

Despite the challenges, situations may arise where you need to mow your lawn when it’s wet. Here’s an in-depth look at what you need to do to navigate this task effectively:

Consider The Timing And Weather

The weather plays an important role in your mowing strategy. If the forecast indicates that dry weather is on the horizon, it may be best to delay your mowing until the lawn has had a chance to dry. However, if you must mow, aim for a time when the grass is as dry as possible, usually late in the afternoon.

Mower Preparation Is Essential

Your mower needs to be well-prepared for the task. Wet grass requires the mower to work harder, so ensuring your mower is in optimal condition is necessary. Here’s how you can prepare your mower:

  • Sharpen the mower blades to ensure a clean cut.
  • Set the mower to a high cut setting to prevent the mower deck from clogging.
  • Apply a silicone spray to the underside of the mower to reduce the amount of grass sticking to it.

Implement Specific Mowing Techniques

Certain techniques can make mowing wet grass more manageable:

  • Mow slowly as this gives the mower more time to slice through the grass and expel the clippings.
  • Mow in a pattern that throws the clippings onto the already cut area.
  • Take smaller swathes to prevent the mower from becoming overloaded.

Post-Mowing Clean-Up

After mowing, be sure to thoroughly clean your mower. Wet grass can stick to the blades and inner workings of your mower, which can cause rust or mechanical issues if left unattended. Additionally, removing the grass clippings from your lawn prevents them from forming a thick layer that could suffocate your grass and create a breeding ground for diseases.

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