We hate to be blunt about mowing your lawn in winter

H310-1562 With Winter fast approaching and the weather cooling down, a lush lawn should not be compromised. The new Husqvarna LC19SP self propelled lawn mower will help keep your grass colourful and healthy during the cooler months.

It is a common misconception that your turf can only look its best during the warmer months of the year. When the cold snap hits, most lawns begin to loose their colour, suffer a reduction in growth speed and lack the ability to repair from damage quickly. While heat and sunlight promotes healthy growth and powers the photosynthesis process, a bit of maintenance, TLC and the right mower for your lawn can guarantee your yard appears nourished and inviting all year round.

The secret to maintaining a succulent savannah during the winter months is to consider lawn mower types that avoid trimming the lawn too short. Mowing height has a significant impact on the lawns appearance and health. Longer leaf growth provides greater opportunity for the photosynthesis process which converts nutrients into food for the lawn. Excessive mowing can also lead to early hibernation, hindering the aesthetic and condition of the turf.


Cutting height

adjustment Quick and easy adjustment of the grass cutting height. One lever controls the whole deck.

Self propelled

Easy to operate self-propelled function integrated into the comfort handle.


The colder conditions during the winter season can also contribute to an excessive growth of thatch. This is a layer within the lawn made up of lifeless organic material, that develops between runner and root system at the base of the turf.

While a thin thatch layer has many benefits to the overall health and appearance of your lawn, unnecessary growth traps excessive amounts of moisture increasing the likelihood of diseases and weeds. It can also damage the durability and texture of the turf, making it more difficult to mow in future. As the weather begins to warm up, mowing can easily cut into the thatch layer, resulting in a once luscious lawn appearing brown and scalped, weakening the grass and leaving it susceptible to disease.

As the climate becomes miserable, your grass doesn’t have to suffer. Our Husqvarna LC19SP is the best lawn mower to ensure healthy green grass for the winter months and all year round. It includes 8 multivariate height settings that are easily adjustable, combatting over-cutting, and promoting photosynthesis for healthy growth. We recommend that you use your Husqvarna mower at a height above 2.5 inches to preserve the condition of your lawn and keep your green looking great throughout the entire year.

Two-in-one cutting system 

Excellent versatility thanks to two different cutting systems: collection and BioClip® (mulching). Mulching will help keep weeds away to ensure your lawn stays healthy all year round. Supplied standard with a grass collector and BioClip® mulch insert.

Robust design
Heavy duty cutting deck with steel cutting height segment. U shaped lower handle support and dual ball bearing wheels secured by locking nuts ensures durability in even the toughest conditions.
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