572XP® Chainsaw – Test Drive

572XP® Chainsaw - Test Drive - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD By Kiah Martin, Treestyle Pty Ltd and Husqvarna H-Team Ambassador Are you ready? Husqvarna has recently released the new 572XP® chainsaw to the Australian market and I have to admit; it is one hell of a hungry beast. Joe Loorham, contract climber from Tree Pioneers and Steve Chappell, Arborist with Austree Contracting agreed to give this new saw a run on a medium dismantle in the hills east of Melbourne recently. I have also been using it as a general felling and ground saw on and off for the past few months. Husqvarna state the new 572XP® has 12% more cutting capacity than previous saws in this cc range (think 372XP® and 576XP®), lending itself to more productivity across the working week – this was certainly apparent during the various testing opportunities I have been involved with since securing the unit for demos. The next generation AutoTune™ that optimises engine performance in any and all conditions is an improvement here on previous AutoTune™ models, 10 times faster. In fact when loading up the saw with a full bar bogged into a large trunk, the saw didn’t slow or baulk at the work – it just seemed to work harder and felt gutsier to boot. Watching Joe pop big scaffolds on the dying stringybark, it seemed effortless from the ground. Joe Loorham, contract climber - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD A completely redesigned cooling system with the addition of an innovative heat shield ensures excellent cooling capacity (20% better) and easy-as restarts. The Air filtration system has also been overhauled to include a heavy-duty filter with large surface area, and the addition of a rubber seal to exclude the finer particles from entering the carby. I interpret this as providing longer engine life and easier operation in all tree work scenarios. Using 572XP for cutting wood - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD The 572XP® has a soft cut-out system to avoid over-revving that should also result in longer engine life – a must in tree work where saws in this cc range are expected to go the distance. The usual features have remained such as X-Torq® technology, Air Injection™, steel anti-vibration mounts, magnesium crank case, the flip top reservoir caps and transparent fuel level indicator with handy additions such as the air purge pump, new inlaid felling sight designed to outlast the saw and a redesigned clutch cover that optimises chip ejection to avoid clogging, especially when ripping logs. With a 60% wider usable RPM range, I would be tempted to switch out the standard 20” bar for a 28” bar for work on the ground or a 24” for added versatility aloft and at the base of the tree (though it has to be said that the 20” guide bar provides perfect balance for the saw). Pair the powerhead with the new Husqvarna X-Cut® C85 saw chain for even greater performance and productivity. Pre-stretched in the manufacturing process meaning less down-time for chain adjustments, and no bumper in the chain, so more efficient cutting that feels more aggressive but in a dynamic and smooth way (chain loops and reels available around the end of the calendar year so for bar upgrades and spare loops, be sure to check in with your local Dealer then). Man cutting tree - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD I would also upgrade the standard dogs with the big bumper spikes kit with standard hex nut side-cover assembly included. I personally think the big dogs are more versatile in the field working across a broader range of native and exotic trees found in Australia. “My team always uses Husqvarna’s Bio Advanced Oil (a vegetable-based formulation replacing the old VEGOIL product) in all company saws as it is biodegradable, and the Bio Advanced Oil improves oxidation resistance which is great for those tree workers powering through the colder conditions (like me here in southern Victoria) or where not all the saws in the fleet see daily work. I like the 1 litre bottles for the battery saws (stored in the battery box) but prefer the 20L drum decanted into a CombiCan for my petrol fleet”. The new 572XP® is a reliable starter for medium to largish take downs and it is proving to be a powerhouse on the ground as a general felling and limbing saw. It powers through the work with 500 series ergonomics that make handling in any position a real treat, as evidenced by Joe during this takedown recently. Subtle improvements regarding serviceability and design also make for a saw that’s easy to maintain both in the workshop back at the yard or at the local dealership. This ground up rebuild of a known and trusted model should see die-hard fans rejoice, and fence-sitters reconsider their alignment. More power. More performance. More production. Move over 372XP®, Husqvarna’s next legendary chainsaw has arrived, and it is ready when you are!
Joe Loorham of Tree Pioneers - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD
Joe Loorham (pictured above) of Tree Pioneers and renowned Red Bull Branched Out competitor with a large dead Stringybark in Monbulk, Victoria and says “The 572XP® is the most comfortable saw I have used, both in and out of the tree. It is hands down the ‘go to’ saw in my toolbox!
Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products - Toowoomba Outdoor Power Products in Glenvale, QLD

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