Common Mower Problems Solved

Mowing your lawn can be a chore, especially if your mower is not running efficiently. The good news is that there are a few common mower problems that are straightforward to fix, making them an easy DIY task for you to complete yourself. Here are some simple issues to look out for and what to do if they occur.

Lawn Mower In A Garden


If your lawnmower is refusing to start, there are a few simple things you can check:

• Fuel: Check if your fuel tank is full – this is one of the common reasons why mowers won’t start but is something a lot of people forget about.

• Issues with the spark plug: Loose or disconnected spark plugs can prevent your mower from working. Make sure to tighten your spark plugs and swap out old ones that may not be functioning properly.

• Clogs in the fuel filter: If your fuel filter is clogged then you need to clean it before trying to run your mower again. It’s also a good idea to replace filters annually depending on how often you use your mower to prevent regular dust build-up.

2. The mower cuts erratically

A common complaint when it comes to lawn movers is that it’s cutting the grass unevenly. If you’re noticing that your grass doesn’t look as even as usual, then you need to check that the blades aren’t dull or worn down.

Also, check for bending of the blades as it’s easy for damage to occur over time without regular checkups or maintenance.

To fix blade issues, you can either sharpen your blades by taking them to a professional or replace them altogether if they are too damaged for repair.

If your blades seem in good condition, check the blade height is set correctly before each use (higher in summer and lower in winter), as this will also affect how well your machine performs when cutting throughout the seasons.

Man Repairing Lawn Mower Engine
Man Using Lawn Mower In A Garden

3. Consumes too much gas

No matter how often you use your lawn mower, it should not consume a large amount of gas each time. If you notice that yours is, it’s usually down to a clogged air filter.

A build-up of dust in the air filter causes your mower to have to work overtime and therefore use more gas to function at normal capacity. Clean your air filter regularly to avoid clogging and replace it on a yearly basis for the best results.

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